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We cater to gentlemen with extremely discerning taste in the Las Vegas escorts they choose to spend time with, the fetish models they want to fulfill a specific fantasy with, or the elegant ladies they want as companions for the day or night.

But the domains of our girls spread far wider than just Sin City itself. In fact, our girls always have their bags packed, just in case you want raw passion, tender companionship or a fantasy-filled time anywhere else in the country, or the world, they’re ready whenever and wherever you are!

Service With A Difference…And Discretion

If you are gentleman looking for discrete fun-filled, exciting times, then we offer some of the most memorable escort services in Las Vegas. You’ll love the sexy, sensuous, charming and intelligent girls that we have waiting just for you. Our girls make all the difference to your plans for fun and pleasure.

But that’s not the only difference. We have very few restrictions on the events that our escorts can participate in. With us, you’ll find girls that can join you in a broad array of activities, including:

·         Formal business events, lunches or intimate candle-lit dinner dates

·         Theatres, Broadway events, Operas and Shows

·         Nightclub or Strip Club soirees

·         Naughty fancy-dress parties and adult games

·         Casino and Bar outings

·         Wild private parties and after-party fun events

·         Time at the Spa, Massage Parlour or Fitness Clubs

·         Hiking, Camping or Fun at the pool or beach

·         Globetrotting, sight seeing adventures or discrete romantic getaways 

Enjoy quiet one-on-one time with them, or be part of a group of like-minded adults that want to live life to the fullest. If you can imagine an event or an activity, then our adult companions will be more than willing to share it with you and give you the best time of your life.  We guarantee that your time with them will be filled with sensuality and ecstasy to your complete satisfaction.

As one of the premier escort services in Las Vegas, we go to great length to ensure that our girls are best in the business. Sexy to look at, intelligent to talk to, passionate to engage with, and deeply committed to pleasing the men they spend time with.

To make a difference in the lives of our patrons, we go to great length to ensure that the models we work with meet our extremely high standards. From deep charisma, to sensuous attraction, to voluptuous appeal, to raw passion…here at Las Vegas Outcall Entertainment, we ensure that our women have it all.

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Las Vegas Companionship…An Art Worth Experiencing!

Every artist has a unique way of experiencing herself, and every art lover wants that something “special” in a piece of art – otherwise art is not really art. If you are a true connoisseur of beauty, sensuality and sexuality, then you’ll find Las Vegas Outcall Entertainment the perfect studio replete with priceless pieces of art – waiting just for you!

Our escorts are truly different – not the “run of the mill” ladies of the night you come across in strip clubs and bars. Our girls are artists, who truly believe in what they do. For them, providing companionship, comfort and a sense of passion is a form of art that can’t be taught – it comes with years of experience:

·         Our girls know how to make a man feel special – because to them, you really are!

·         They’ll give you their undivided attention throughout their time with you – which will make you feel you made the right choice to spend your time with them!

·         From bubbly chatter, to intelligent conversation, quiet elegant company, to passionate and mind-blowing exuberance – everything you want in your woman will be right there for you!

Like any professional, our fetish models are some of the best performers in the business. They are highly skilled, experienced and passionate at what they do. In their company:

·         You can explore your wildest fantasies to experience how living them feels like

·         They’ll make your most vivid dreams come alive, and you’ll never have to worry about what happens after!

·         Men can indulge their most daring imaginations, knowing that our adult companions are here to fulfill them!

·         You’ll enjoy that alternate life that you’ve always wanted, whether it’s in cos-play,  role play or other forms of adult entertainment

So whether you just want quiet company, passionate companionship, blissful bonding or a night full of raunchy fun, excitement and fantasy…our ladies here at Las Vegas Outcall Entertainment are always ready to please and provide.